port of oakland truckers association

More Labor Disruption from the Port of Oakland Truckers Association: The Saga Continued

The Port of Oakland Truckers Association (POTA) voted on late last Friday to stop work at the port of Oakland this Wednesday, November 27th. While truckers are still dissatisfied with the turn time at various terminals at the port of Oakland (specifically with SSA), their current complaint is mainly focused on the January 1st deadline set in place by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) for the trucks to be retrofitted to meet new emission standards. POTA is asking the port of Oakland to charge a $50 per container emissions fee to help pay for the cost and maintenance of CARB compliant trucks.

With CARB and the port of Oakland not signaling any willingness to accept the request, POTA has has indicated they will demonstrate. The city of Oakland has indicated they will have police officers on site to make sure the roads leading to the terminals are open. However there is no guarantee that they will be successful. The other wildcard in the process are the ILWU longshoremen. If the longshoremen do decide not to cross the picket lines, it isn’t going to matter whether the Oakland police are able to keep the roads open.

Importers should be prepared for more possible delays.