Oakland Port Update – Terminals Open for Container Pickup, But No Shipside Labor for Container Unloading

February 23, 2015

We were hopeful that the ILWU and PMA agreement would lead to both sides working hard to get operations moving back to normal. However this apparently was not the case in Oakland. The terminals did request labor on Sunday to start unloading containers. However the ILWU labor was fired from the job for taking a break at the same time. This is not allowed by rule.

Labor was hired on Sunday evening to continue working shipside to unload containers. However I spoke with a carrier representative today, Monday morning, and it looks like the first shift working shipside at Oakland was fired AGAIN. While Oakland terminals are currently open for truckers to go into and pick up containers, no one is working to unload containers off of vessels during the day.

So far, this problem has only manifested in Oakland as we have not heard the other major West Coast ports (Los Angeles/Long Beach/Seattle/Tacoma) run into this issue the last two days.

-Jimmy Ting
Great World
t: 650-873-9050 x1019

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