Port Congestion Surcharge Update (November, 18, 2014)

The situation regarding the Port Congestion Surcharge (PCS) remains fluid and changing on a seemingly daily, if not hourly basis. We received confirmation overnight from carriers (Maersk and MSC) who had as of yesterday not made a decision yet regarding the the PCS that they would indeed begin charging the PCS. This left APL, Cosco, and K-Line as carriers who had not confirmed the PCS. However we also learned today that Evergreen and CMA-CGM would be postponing the PCS. We have also heard that other carriers may consider postponing the PCS as well. We expect to be hearing more updates throughout the next 24 hours and will keep you posted.

Please keep in mind that the congestion at the ports remains an EXTREMELY serious problem. We are seeing delays throughout the USWC ports. Therefore importers/exporters should be conscious of the fact that the PCS could be reinstated at any time.

I did review a letter from the FMC indicating that they are investigating the PCS very closely. It is possible that the FMC is the reason why carriers are announcing the postponement of the PCS. If that is indeed true, we may see carriers look for alternative ways to implement the PCS in the near future.
-Jimmy Ting
Great World
email: jimmyting@great-world.com
tel: 650-873-9050 x1019


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