Port of Oakland – Update on Ben E. Nutter Terminal

I’ve written and spoken with the shipping community extensively the past few months about the troubles at the port of Oakland. One issue I mentioned recently was how congestion had spread to other terminals in Oakland, beyond just SSA terminal. I learned today that the reason for congestion at Ben E. Nutter terminal is that one of their two transtainers has been broken since December. The terminal has been operating on only one transtainer for over one month. This is the reason why many containers have remained decked and unavailable for days after vessel arrival. It is also the reason why we have been unable to request wheeled containers during this time. This terminal primarily serves Evergreen vessels. Speaking with Evergreen representatives today, I learned that they don’t expect the broken transtainer to be repaired until sometime in February. Until then, we can continue to expect delays in container availability.

-Jimmy Ting

Great World Logistics (GWL)
Great World Customs Service
Great World Express

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