Oakland Terminals Open … But Movement of Containers is Slow

The Oakland terminals were open today as the protesting truck drivers did not return this morning. It looks like we are in the clear… for now.

Our information from drivers is that they have been able to get into all terminals. However the action is slow. Long waits continue. We ask for patience and understanding from importers as truckers try to clear up two days of missed deliveries and terminals/carriers have been unwilling to extend free time.

The new executive director at the Port of Oakland, Chris Lytle, has been working hard to bring a coalition of involved parties (terminal operators, carriers, truckers, the city of Oakland) together to find solutions to the problems that have created all the discontent at the ports. Please see the attached letter that was distributed to various truckers.

The following JOC article pretty much summarizes the experiences at the port of Oakland over the past seven weeks. We understand the frustration of importers and exporters at the port of Oakland. We ask again that they please not shoot the messenger (freight forwards and customs brokers) who are working hard to facilitate the movement of shipments out of ports as quickly as possible.


-Jimmy Ting


t: 650-873-9050 x1019


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