More Trouble at the Port of Oakland: Truckers Protesting

Having spent the past month dealing with extremely heavy congestion at the port of Oakland due to terminal consolidation, longshoremen issues, and an increase in ISF related examinations, we were hoping to see a gradual return to normalcy in the coming weeks. While we were still seeing delays and uneven handling of containers at the terminals, we were starting to see some containers move out of the terminals in a more normal manner last week.

As of early this morning, various groups of truck drivers have been protesting at terminals in Oakland. SSA terminal and Ports of America have already shut down for the day due to the protests. One trucking company has advised us that there is a protest at one of the yards where drivers store their trucks overnight. This particular group of protesters is preventing drivers from getting to their trucks.

We’re still trying to see whether other terminals will also shut down. We will provide additional updates as we receive them.

-Jimmy Ting

t: 650-873-9050 x1019


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