GSP Expiration

GSP (Generalized System of Preferences) expired on July 31, 2013.  We now have to wait over a month (until the second week of September) for Congress to reconvene and hopefully take up the issue of extending GSP. There is no guarantee that Congress will renew GSP.


Importers who were relying on GSP duty savings will begin to see their products entered dutiable under Column 1 general duty rates.  For entries that would have benefited from GSP, we are marking the entries to make sure that they will be automatically reprocessed should Congress eventually renew GSP with retroactive benefits. We do recommend that importers keep detailed records of which entries they are paying duties on so that when/if Customs does refund duty payments, importers receive the appropriate amount back.


-Jimmy Ting

t: 650-873-9050 x1019



    1. Congress still has not renewed GSP. I unaware of any changes that Congress plans to make how GSP qualifications in the United States. I do know in past years there have been actions taken to disqualify certain specific classifications form GSP benefits. However I have not heard of any such changes yet. You can also follow the Renew GSP Today blog ( They provide more detailed information on the progress of GSP renewal.

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